Lots Preparation & Descriptions: Goods collected by the Auctioneer, or delivered to the auctioneers may be split or amalgamated into saleable lots at the entire discretion of the Auctioneer.

Loss or Damage: The auctioneers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of, or damage to, goods consigned to themselves. All goods are consigned entirely at the owner’s risk.
Reserve Value: Items will be received upon agreement of Reserve/Base Value and other conditions contained herein.

Commissions & Charges: Goods entered for sale on behalf of the seller will attract commission fees varying between 10% and 25% based on the Auctioneer’s classification.

Transport/collection: all items weighing less than ¼ of a ton will not attract charges. Charges (for
items more than ¼ of a ton) associated with the handling of goods for sale will attract VAT and will be deducted off the remittance of sale proceeds.

Online Auctions Sale & Pricing: The Auctioneers at their discretion may sell goods by private treaty or place goods on any auction as long as the Reserve Price is observed. There is no guarantee that goods will be sold by a specific price, time or date. All goods will be sold at the auctioneers’ entire and items (vehicles, equipment and good) that remain unsold after thirty days from the date of entry will be placed on the next available auction and sold to the Highest Bidder (no formal notification will be

In-House Purchases: The auctioneers reserve the right to make offers on specific items and
purchase them directly from the owners of such goods. Where such an offer has been accepted by the Seller, the ownership of the items will pass to the Auctioneer in real time at Acceptance. Payment of such offers will be made with 24 hours. In House purchases are valid only for 24 hours. All items with offers not accepted will be sold under the conditions contained herein.

Storage: Storage will accrue when a seller prevent the Auctioneer to sell the items. 2% of the
Auctioneer’s Reserve will be charged. If storage fees are not paid within 14 days, the items will be
sold under auction conditions contained herein.

Withdrawal of Lots: 10% plus VAT will be levied on all withdrawn items. The reserve value agree will be used in computation. ALL items withdrawn must be removed from the auctioneer’s premises within 3 working day hours of withdrawal, failing which they will be sold at the risk and expense of the Consignee.

Remittances: Payments will only be made when consignments are made in full.

No variation to these Conditions of Acceptance will be regarded as a variation unless recorded
in writing and signed by the Auctioneer’s Authorised Persons.