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Lutheran Development Services Auction
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Ministry of lands Auction- 30 September
Min of health auction
MLAWFCRR Masvingo Chiredzi
ZIMRA Rummage - Chirundu
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About Us

National Auctioneers is your best bet at accessing a wide range of goods at a price that you get to determine. 


To become the leading auction house preferred by both sellers and bidders, giving value and prosperity to all.


To always provide opportunities for easy disporsal of assets as well as sourcing valuables, conveniently bringing them closer to customers. We live by our motto, Auction Champions


All our processes are chrystal clear, developed with the customer in mind. Our customers drive our business so nothing is hidden from them.

The winning bid always gets what they bid for. Once a bidding process is closed, no private bids will be accepted and no price will be changed.

Everybody on the auction floor is equal. Our conduct gives everyone a chance and creates clean competition, allowing anyone to win.

No goods are tempered with. No exaggeration or concealing of information. What you see is what you get and you get to place your own value on it